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Quality through experience

Technical equipment

A perfect event starts with the perfect equipment. As the expert in event organisation, Tzar has all the equipment to turn your event into an impressive equipment, plus the professionals to operate them.


Did you know Tzar not only has an exceptionally large storage depot for its infinite collection of decor pieces, but also has its own team of interior architects and carpenters to create personalized decoration for your event?


You may create the most beautiful experience or have the greatest speakers, your guests will still be talking about the food and drink you serve. That’s why Tzar always puts catering at the centre of the event. Just like anything else at our events, our food is an experience in itself.

TZAR Staff & Crew

Imagine you’re at an event. A waitress comes up to you and not only serves you the very last delicious hors d’oeuvre on her plate, but also the biggest, genuine smile. Never underestimate the importance of professional staff at an event.

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