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Make it last

People often forget that if you want someone to understand something, how you say that something is as important as what you’re saying. This is why you need an event agency who not only understands the practical and design aspects of a congress or convention, but who also has insights in group dynamics and psychology.


Tzar has a unique expertise in organising national and international summits for major organisations and corporations. We not only guarantee you a smooth event, we also make sure your guests and speakers will feel valuated and enriched.


One very important secret to a successful meeting is to organize it in such a way that people do not want to miss out on it and feel like they witnessed something truly unique when they step out. Another secret is that you can easily achieve this yourself, with the help of Tzar.


Nothing creates a deeper bond than interactivity. Let your guests transcend from passive spectators to active participants, and they will be so much more open to what you have to say. Tzar offers you endless possibilities to make your events and workshops more dynamic.

Team Spirit

Can your team use a little bit more cohesion? Let Tzar be the glue that brings them together. We organize team activities that leave the beaten path in order to surprise your team members and offer them an experience that will change them forever.


It’s no secret that collaboration is a fantastic tool to help your team achieve better results and move forward together. We believe this strongly, which is why we offer endless original ways to let your team collaborate in fun activities.

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