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That will never be forgotten

Tzar is the expert in B2B events. We create B2B events for every goal and audience, from the first idea until the final execution. Whether you would like an original event, a creative or a classic one, Tzar will always come up with the perfect idea for your brand and guests. Let us amaze you!

Awards & Ceremony

Awards & Ceremony events are an exercise in balance that only a few agencies really masters. Tzar is one of them. We  make stars of the winners and offer a true VIP experience to the other guests at the same time , in order to celebrate and thank each and every one of them.

Customer & partner event

Customers & partners are the corner stones of every company. Events for valuable guests like these have to perfect in every way. Tzar offers you the possibility to create valuable customer & partner events that allow you to create and build relationships and quantify the results afterwards.

Gala diner & Diner party

There’s a time for working and a time for celebrating. Count on Tzar to create the party of the year that will not only be the talk of the town for months, but will also allow you to reward your guests and network in a casual manner.


Location is key for an inauguration. Luckily, Tzar has years of expertise in bringing any location alive with the right decorum and personnel. We give your inauguration a soul that your audience will take with them for long after their visit.

Product & Identity Launch

Nothing is more important for a new product or identity than its launch. That’s why Tzar creates very strong and entirely unique happenings for this type of events, which will firmly position your product or identity from the very beginning.


Opendays by Tzar are not what your guests expect. We do not merely show your organization, we let your guests experience it. This turns them from an outsider peeping inside into a participant who becomes a part of your philosophy.


Tzar loves to create movable events throughout the country and beyond. Events that take place at the same time in Flanders or in Wallonia, giant caravans or intimate experiences: nothing is impossible.


Offer your presentations or events an extra touch with one of our exclusive modashows. Your communication gains instant elegance, flair and a very human touch. It can be entirely custom made to fit with your message.

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