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About us

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do it with passion

smart and professional

do it with passion

We are Tzar, a full-blown event agency with over 20 years of experience. We handle every single aspect of event marketing, ranging from design to content, stand design to office layout, from ephemeral spaces to events, with only one thing in common: we do it extremely well. This has consistently landed us a spot in the top 10 B2B communication agencies in Belgium in the last five years.

The secret to our success? You.

We love to listen to your desires and turn them into something which goes beyond your wildest dreams. We like to work with you, but also for you, taking responsibility off your shoulders and trading it in for great results.

Read on and discover our knowledge and unique approach, combining creativity, trend watching, responsiveness and flexibility.

tzar people

Tzar is the ultimate human agency. Our employees are our greatest strength. They make us what we are: a team of professionals who turn events into unforgettable experiences!

A wide range of skills and talents is at your disposal. These people all share a fervent passion for communication and vast practical experience. They are each in their own way perfectionists on every project... and they take great pleasure in it every time.

do it with passion

Graphic Design

do it with passion

Every communication requires a graphic and conceptual approach.

In close co-operation with copywriters, animators and programmers, our studio breathes life into logos, identity design, interior design, brochures, office concepts, showrooms, exhibition stands and event identities.

Our approach is straightforward: we research to understand and construct a design strategy, we create for all types and our goal is to make a clear statement. Thus we help our clients evolve and adapt in order to create new and exciting ideas. Whether you’re the challenging new brand on the block or an iconic brand spanning the globe: our studio helps you reach your target by telling your story.

What's your story?

do it with passion

do it with passion

do it with passion

Full service event

do it with passion

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Creating events for a diverse set of clients for more than 20 years has not only given us an amount of know-how that is unique to our sector, it has also made our address book of suppliers unusually large. Allowing us to work with the best, thus allowing you to sit back and let us handle everything.

Choosing Tzar is choosing ease of mind: whatever the event – from large scale European summits to intimate family days – we will always boost your communication for you, creating strong and original concepts.

Tzar understands the puzzle of live B2B communication. This is why we always listen to all your considerations of the issues at hand first, and start from a blank paper after. Together, we build a global concept.


We can offer additional support or we can organise your entire event for you. Whichever pack you choose, you will always benefit from our experience and creative approach.


As a true partner, we prefer a clear financial approach. We strive to make your events more efficient, more result driven and thus more cost-effective. Together, we choose what will be bought for the event. Throughout the event, we charge an agency fee of 6% to 12%, depending on the size of the project. This allows you to retain a clear view on your budget at any time.


We like to do things ourselves without using he middleman. Whenever possible we use local products, recycle our materials and limit our waste. This minimizes our impact on the environment aswell as on your budget.

do it with passion

do it with passion


Your book of ideas... Do you have a briefing?

Our concepts abound with creativity and offer an experience that your guests will not soon forget. Whatever projects you have, Tzar organises the best events for 6 to 1,000 people, events that can last for days or for a few unforgettable minutes.

And we do it all over Europe!

do it with passion

Video motion

It’s no coincidence that the director was born with a video camera in his hand. We love what video motion can do for your events. But there’s more to it. We believe video motion is the technology of the future.

do it with passionlet's fatk


Are you looking for a truly original incentive? An incentive that will spark the creativity of your team members and teach them to work together against the clock to obtain objectives, all that in one fun-filled day they will remember for years to come? Then turn them into a film crew!

Real film professionals will teach them everything there is to know about filmmaking: from writing a screenplay, choosing actors and locations to directing the cameras. After that, they form film crews and start rolling!

In the evening, all the movies are projected. And the Oscar goes to ...

Video assistance

Video has become the pre-eminent communication support nowadays. Shown on social networks or during events to make presentations more dynamic … It has become the ideal tool to illustrate and enforce the messages. The technological evolutions have made it more and more and more accessible, flexible and adaptable. Over the last 20 years Tzar has offered its partners this service out of conviction that this medium has many more possibilities to offer.

do it with passion

Documentaries, interviews, news, company presentations, creative videos … Tzar accompanies you in your projects with the help of a professional team.

do it with passion

Creating stands and decorating spaces

do it with passion

You may have the best product in the world, if it’s in unattractive packaging it will not sell. The same goes for events. Luckily, you’ve found us to package your message.

Did you know Tzar has its own, 400 m2 carpentry warehouse for over a decade now? In here, we build our stands and interior décor ourselves. It’s this kind of dedication and craftsmanship that makes the difference between promising a unique, tailor made event and delivering one.

Each project is created by a professional team consisting of an architect, a designer, a project manager and a graphic design studio. Together, we create pieces that attract the attention of your clients and prospective clientele, and portray your strong points in the blink of an eye.

All kinds of stands



The personalised and prestigious architecture of these traditional stands impresses all passers-by. The numerous possibilities in terms of material used guarantee a high quality presentation.



The use of aluminium and plastic guarantees exceptional versatility. You can easily adapt your stand to different events and to the evolution of your company, thus guaranteeing you excellent durability!



The ideal solution for a small or medium space, such as an interior décor component for the message or scene.

Show room


Thanks to our know-how and experience, we are able to build you an entirely new showroom that is perfectly adapted to your business sector and professional needs, giving your products and services enviable visibility.

do it with passion

Sound and Lighting

Never underestimate the importance of light and sound. What good is an original concept with perfect execution, if no one can see or hear it properly?

Tzar provides complete technical support for all your events, with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and projection installations for small and large events. We tailor every solution to your specific needs, and provide you with the best possible advice.


  • Sound & Light
  • Projection & Audiovisual
  • Vidéo realisation & show
  • Specific set-up
  • High Technological systems & application (voting, live conference, interactivity)
  • Animated concepts
  • On-site management


If you truly want to make a lasting impression, you need a look and feel that injects energy into your event.

To accomplish a perfect presentation, you need a coherent design throughout the entire event, from the grand centrepiece to the smallest details. Tzar creates complete décor packages, from furniture created in our own warehouse, customised signage and flower arrangements to corporate design.

Our experience, professionalism and creativity, combined with our drive to amaze you, guarantees an exceptionally high level of satisfaction.

do it with passion


do it with passion

Are you a Tzar person?

Are you looking for an agency where:

  • Your creativity will have the space it needs to thrive
  • You can work closely with colleagues from various disciplines

Are you equipped with:

  • Unbridled passion for communication and events
  • Talent and experience in this field
  • Plenty of fortitude seasoned with the right amount of auto-reflection and humour
  • Broad shoulders that can carry a number of projects from start to finish

Tzar is looking for:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Programmer
  • Copywriter
  • Project co-ordinator
  • Camera operators & editors
  • Actor
  • Presenter

do it with passion

Welcome to Tzar

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. But what if the cover was as good as the book?

Our attractive offices are situated right in the middle of one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods of our capital. This is great for us, as it allows us to keep our finger on the pulse with new and upcoming trends. However, it’s even better for you, as you can use our space to organise meetings and product presentations.

It’s also the perfect excuse to discover the neighbourhood.

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