Our four step branding strategy

Listening and Observation | Added value process | Tzar Agency

1. Listen and observe

To know where you want to go, we need to know where we are

The process begins by listening to you. We can’t stop listening until we understand how your company works, what its values are and what your goals are. Understanding is often overlooked yet essential. Together, we define your goals and explore different possibilities of reaching it.

The next step is to understand what makes your company unique. Its important to go through every step together as only you know your company best and we know the best practices to reach your targets and exceed your expectations.

Once the brand audit is completed we start experimenting, having fun with the design this can lead to very creative and bold opportunities. Often the results are a unique positioning of your brand, creating a new approach that enhances your business.

2. Strategy and positioning

Any product, company or service is a brand. A brand fails or succeeds by its positioning. To reach your desired positioning, it’s important to start with a good plan.

Define the purpose of your brand.
Why do you exist? Why did you launch your project? Why do your clients believe in you?

It’s time to give your brand a personality.
How does your brand think? How does your brand behave? What do you want to make your clients feel ?

Unique selling point
What are the characteristics and functionalities of your brand? Your added value? What will be the emotional benefit for your consumers?

Proactively and structurally your goals will be reached through a strategic marketing plan, which will lead to tangible results. This will leave you with time to focus on your core business.

TZAR develops brands and position them in the market by giving them a strong personality. Everyday its our goal to exceed our clients expectations, to help them grow their business and make them become more themselves. 

Analysis, reflection, action. To create an impact on your market you will need a creative branding solution designed by a solid marketing approach. Highlighting what sets you apart from the competition in every message you send is important and so much fun to do.

Website Strategy | Tzar Agency
Website Stratefy | Tzar Agency

3. Creation and Engagement

Creativity meets strategy.

Design can make things better, simpler and more engaging. By unleashing our creativity we develop a brand that will reflect your values and your unique selling points. This creates a powerful message that will affect your audience and create engagement. 

In fact, we transform the strategy and put the concept into practice, by redefining the visual outlines of your brand to reflect the image and values you want to communicate. 

Our visuals artists will bring your brand to life and create deliverables and content that you will be able to implement immediately.  Giving a modern image and relevancy to your brand. 

Branding makes your brand human.

4. Activation and follow-up

Having amazing visuals is great but to grow your business you will need a strategic marketing approach. This will ensure long-term results and a growth in your business.

Brand activation. 
We are what we do. Based on the positioning and brand identity that will have been designed for you and with you, we develop a creative strategy and communication content that will bring your brand to life and provide an experience for your customers. 

Our partnership continues after the creation of the brand identity to develop an implementation plan that will help you maximize your brand impact in your market. In addition, our agency handles all the planning, creation and implementation services you need for your 360 ° communication. 

Tools and internal communication 
Once a new brand design or rebranding is in place it’s important to have the tools to use it. With any finished projects TZAR creates a style guidebook, digital brand tools and offers training to your employees. Making the new style coherent and impactful over all business aspects.

Website Strategy | Tzar Agency

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